Dec 06, 2017


Episode 174: Saturating Culture With The Gospel

Today author, pastor, and church consultant Jeff Vanderstelt joins us to talk about his book about how to Saturate a culture with the Gospel.

Jeff Vanderstelt // Director of Missional Communities and a teaching pastor at Doxa Church in Bellevue // @JeffVanderstelt

Notable Points:

  • The story of the book.
  • Jeff’s story: How to make a church of disciple makers?
  • What is God doing to help prepare you for the next thing?
  • How does God help us in making decisions as leaders?
  • God always calls us to work in a way that He will miraculously work.
  • How Jeff worked to transition Mars Hill Church in Seattle into Doxa Church?
  • How the transition happened in that season.
  • If you could speak into leaders today, what should they do or say to the people they lead?

Links We Talked About

Saturate: Being Disciples of Jesus in the Everyday Stuff of Life

Gospel Fluency: Speaking the Truths of Jesus into the Everyday Stuff of Life

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about the author

Jeff Vanderstelt

I'm honored that I get to dedicate my life to teaching and equipping the Church. I draw much joy from training and encouraging ministers of the gospel - YOU! I serve local church as the Director of Missional Communities and a teaching pastor at Doxa Church in Bellevue, Washington. I'm also on the leadership team of Saturate the Sound, a Puget Sound church collective dedicated to seeing our region saturated with the good news of Jesus.