Mar 23, 2018


Episode 182: How Village Church is Engaging Collegiate Church Planting

Today on the podcast, we talk to Travis Cunningham about how Village Church is engaging collegiate church planting.

Travis Cunningham, Village Church

Village Church Announces a Plant toward the College Campus: In January 2018, Village Church announced plans to send out Travis Cunningham to plant a church on the 210 corridor of Los Angeles. Known as the Inland Empire, this region has a rich history as a hub and harth of gospel movements. Perhaps no location in north america has been more strategic for starting movements and universities laser focused on taking the gospel to students and to the nations. Listen in as Travis shares his story and journey for planting Story Church in land of awakenings.

Key Points:

  • “Throughout church history so many awakenings and revivals happen through young people. We have an opportunity to go and engage that.”
  • The 2-10 Corridor
    • 6-10 million people located along the 2-10 highway in Los Angeles
    • Includes universities with a large demographic of international students
    • Many revivals/revival movements have started in this area
  • Why the college campus?
    • Revival movements start with young people
    • “I want to get to get on board with what the Lord is doing. If He is sending His Spirit that way, I want to  set my sails to get behind it.”
    • Book Recommendation: Firefall 2.0 by Alvin Reed
  • The Response of Village Church:
    • Moving toward local autonomous churches
    • Key values include church planting and unreached people groups
    • The college campus is the intersection of those values

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