May 15, 2014


Episode 2: Campus Reaching Strategies

Rahul Agarwal talks with Paul Worcester, Director of Christian Challenge at Chico State University, about strategies for reaching the campus with the gospel. Several topics are discussed, including gospel appointments and how to reach freshmen in the first three weeks of the semester.

Paul Worcester // @PaulWorcester – Director of the Chico State University Christian Challenge

Notable Points:

“If they are breathing, they need the Gospel”

“The best kind of evangelism is the one you do”

The first month of the Fall is do or die time – it’s all about recruiting and getting people in.

“You get what you celebrate. If you want to see people come to Christ that should be the primary thing you celebrate.”

Books that you need to read:

Church Planting Movements  – David Garrison

T for T – Steve Smith

Links we talked about:

Gospel appointments

30 second surveys

Other College Ministry Resources from Paul

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about the author

Paul Worcester

Paul and his wife Christy planted Christian Challenge at California State University, Chico from scratch. Since then hundreds of students have indicated decisions to become followers of Jesus, with many growing as disciples and learning to multiply their faith. Paul is the author of "Tips for Starting a College Ministry." He has a a passion for equipping and encouraging fellow collegiate leaders to make disciples on campus through his writing, speaking, consulting and social media. Paul and Christy have two children. Paul loves to surf and play other sports when possible.