Feb 19, 2015


Episode 36: Funding the Mission: Build an Alumni and Donor Database

Episode 36: Funding the Mission: Build an Alumni and Donor Database

Steve Masters shares tips and strategies developed over his 35 years of collegiate ministry for building an alumni database and providing opportunities for them to support your ministry financially.


Steve Masters // BCM Director, LSU // @TrebarkSteve
Notable Points:

  • After their freshman year, add students to alumni database. They receive the alumni newsletter for 3 years while still in school.
    • See what it’s like to be an alumni, and recognize that alumni give a significant portion of funds to make ministry happen.
    • Keep in touch and hear stories of alumni.
    • Creates a culture and expectation of giving among current students.
  • Add freshmen parents to parent database. Alums may not give until 15-20 years post graduation. Parents can give now.
  • Send one major newsletter per year at the end of November. Hard copy.
    • Report on the ministry – evangelism, missions,
    • Share alumni feature stories.
    • Fundraising appeal – include return envelope with your address on it.
  • Endowments – Good long term solution once you are more established with an alumni database.
  • Consider hiring a student to work every week (5-8 hrs) on alumni database. Sometimes to make money you have to invest money. The newsletter and student worker pay for themselves many times over.

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Steve Masters

LSU BCM Director, and Transitions Coordinator - Lifeway Christian Resources