Jun 09, 2014


Episode 4: Leadership Teams Structures

Episode 4: Leadership Teams Structures

Arliss Dickerson discusses the importance of student leadership teams, the logistics behind creating a leadership team, and the various team structures throughout the country.

Arliss Dickerson
// @arlissdickerson – Consultant for the Collegiate Ministry Office  – Lifeway Christian Resources

Notable Points:

  • Leadership development multiplies your collegiate ministry.
  • Leadership development creates future church leaders.
  • Lay out clear and honest expectations for student leaders before asking them to apply for the position.
  • There is no “right” answer to how many leadership teams you should have – it varies by context.

Questions discussed in this podcast:

  • What is the purpose of a leadership team structure?
  • What are some of the leadership structures that college ministries use?
  • What type of leadership structure best fits your college ministry?
  • What should you require in terms of commitment and responsibilities from your student leadership team?
  • When should your team meet? How often? When should they rotate off?

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Arliss Dickerson

Arliss was the Baptist Campus Minister at Arkansas State University for 32 years and currently serves as a collegiate ministry consultant for LifeWay Christian Resources.