May 14, 2015


Episode 48: Support Development – It’s not about the Benjamins

In this episode Mike Riggins shares the Biblical basis and practical steps to raising support through ministry partner development, and explains how it is far more than fundraising.

Mike Riggins
// Missionary Support Coordinator, North American Mission Board // @mrigginsnambnet

Notable Points:

  • Support development is a God-made process (as seen throughout the Bible) not a man-made process.
  • Three Areas for Evaluation before beginning Ministry Partner Development
    • Spiritual Readiness – Are you already currently actively involved in fulfilling the great commission?
    • Relational Readiness – Are your family and church-family affirming and on board with your calling?
    • Financial Readiness – Is your personal financial “house in order?”
  • Three Steps to Ministry Partner Development
    • Share with people the problem God has called you to solve
    • Cast the vision
    • Inviting people to involvement
  • Two Principles of Ministry Partner Development
    • People need to give far more than you will ever need to receive.
    • People need to be asked to participate in Great Commission work.

Books to Read:

Funding Your Ministry by Scott Morton

The God Ask by Steve Shadrach

Friend Raising by Betty Barnett

People Raising by Bill Dillon

Additional Resources:

NAMB Support Development School:

CRU – Ellis Goldstein

Center for Missions Mobilization/Support Raising Solutions Bootcamp – Steve Shadrach

PeopleRaising – Bill Dillon

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about the author

Mike Riggins

Mike Riggins is Missionary Support Coordinator for the North American Mission Board. He has been directly leading the NAMB's support-raising component for 16 years, prior to that he was the associate director for six years. Prior to that he was involved in campus-based collegiate ministry for 10 years in New Mexico, Texas and California. He and his wife, Teresa have two young adult children, Heather and Mark. They reside in Lawrenceville, GA, just outside of Atlanta.