May 21, 2015

Mobilize, Reach

Episode 49: The SEND North America Concept

What does it mean to be an everyday missionary? In this episode, Dustin Willis explains the SEND North America concept, and challenges college students to live life on mission both now and after graduation.

Dustin Willis
// Coordinator & Editor of the SEND Network // @dustinwillis

Notable Points:

  • The North American Mission Board SEND focus is about planting missionaries, who plant the gospel, and out of that see churches planted and grow.
  • The 32 identified SEND Cities were chosen based on density, diversity, and populations of lostness.
  • “As we influence cities, so we influence the world.”
  • SEND North America is about far more than just pastors and church planters. The mission of God is for the whole Church, and every life on mission matters.
  • “We eat 21 meals a week. How do we make those intersect with the mission of God?”
  • The practices of living a life on mission: Identify. Invest. Invite. Increase.
  • “You have to learn to make disciples while in college, because you aren’t going to learn it in the moving van on your way to your first job.”
  • SEND North America Conference: August 3-4, 2015 in Nashville, TN. See for more details.

Books to Read:

Life On Mission: Joining the Everyday Mission of God by Willis and Coe

We Belong Together by Bruce Milne

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Dustin Willis

Dustin Willis lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife Renie and their two kids, Jack and Piper. Dustin serves as the Coordinator and Editor of the Send Network. Before moving to Atlanta, Dustin served as the Founding & Lead Pastor of Midtown Fellowship in Columbia, SC.