May 28, 2015


Episode 50: Evangelism Toolbox – Perspective Cards

In spiritual conversations it can often be difficult to know what experiences, views, and beliefs the other person holds. In this episode, Barry Warren (Cru) explains how Perspective cards help us listen well and discover this information, and initiate gospel conversations.

Barry Warren
// Creative Resources & Media Specialist on Research & Development, Cru, Orlando, FL // @barryawarren

Notable Points:

  • Perspective Cards are an evangelism tool that are meant for engaging non-believers in spiritual conversations and helping Christians to be good listeners, while making the process more relational and enjoyable.
  • The cards cover five topics: Nature of God, Human Nature, Meaning of Life, Identity of Jesus, and Source of Spiritual Truth.
  • “People don’t mind talking about Jesus, but they want to do so in an environment that feels safe.” A tool like Perspective allows believers to become a safe place.
  • Perspective cards work in two parts. Part one is listening as they choose cards describing their perspective. Part two is helping them process the gospel as you listen to their thoughts on the Christian perspective.
  • Rather than just presenting information, the goal is to identify the real barrier for this person to come to faith, so that you can focus on the things that are needed to make the gospel understood.
  • People are finding Perspective cards to be useful in a variety of contexts and situations, and even cross-culturally. The cards are available in multiple languages.

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about the author

Barry Warren

Barry is from a small town in Colorado and has a degree in World Religions from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Christ radically changed his life when he put his faith in Him while in college at the age of 19. He had been opposed to Christianity before then. He joined Cru staff in 1997 and has been with them for 18 years. He currently works in the national campus office as a creative resources and media specialist on the Research and Development team. He is passionate about making evangelism and discipleship more effective and enjoyable for the Body of Christ. He lives in Orlando, FL with his wife, Lori, and dog, Sandy.