Jun 18, 2015


Episode 53: Leveraging Vocation for International Missions

As access to countries for traditional missionaries becomes increasingly difficult, the opportunities for students to use their vocational skills both during and after college on mission around the world are easier, and more necessary than ever. The International Mission Board’s Chad Stillwell explains how.

Chad Stillwell
// Student Mobilizer, International Mission Board // cstillwell@imb.org @chadiswell

Notable Points:

  • Skybridge (skybridgecommunity.com) is an online community of people who are interested in being involved in the Great Commission to use the job, skills, and training they have to get the gospel to people who’ve never heard it.
  • The traditional missionary model is no longer working. This necessitates an increase in “tentmaker” missionaries to take the gospel to places where it is not welcome.
  • Many governments around the world will pay for Americans to come to their country and teach English in schools. This presents an opportunity to have a career, and use skills strategically for gospel efforts overseas.
  • There is enormous potential for students to use university study abroad programs for missions. As leaders, we should equip them within our ministries to choose locations that are strategic, and train them with how to share the gospel, make disciples, and connect them to churches.

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about the author

Chad Stillwell

Chad serves as a Student Mobilizer with the International Mission Board. He specializes in helping students and young adults serve overseas for 4 months or longer. In his previous life he served as a campus minister and a refugee resettler – pretty similar ministries. He’s married to the amazing Anna and they have one daughter, Aubrey. He is a flash mob video addict and a popcorn connoisseur.