Jul 23, 2015

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Episode 58: StuMo – Raising Up Lifelong Gospel Laborers

In this episode, Steve Shadrach shares about the StuMo campus ministry, and its strategy for raising up lifelong laborers from the campus through evangelism, disciple making, and missions mobilization.

Steve Shadrach
// Author & Executive Director at the Center for Mission Mobilization // @SteveShadrach

Notable Points:

  • College students are the most recruitable, trainable, and sendable population on the planet.
  • Student Mobilization (StuMo) is a campus ministry that exists to reach, train, and launch students out on mission into the world with the gospel.
  • The focus of StuMo is ongoing relational evangelism on major campuses among “mainstream” students – those who are influencers.
  • Close to 750 StuMo students participate in 8 week long summer projects, called Kaleo, where they develop the spiritual and practical skills to return to campus on mission.
  • If a student has the experience of leading a person to Christ, following up with them in discipleship, and helping them launch on mission, all while in college, then they have a high chance of becoming a lifelong laborer.
  • The highest measure of success for a campus ministry should not be how many it can gather, but how many disciples it makes and launches as laborers on mission.

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about the author

Steve Shadrach

Steve is the executive director of the Center for Mission Mobilization and founder of Student Mobilization. He is the author of several books, including The Fuel and the Flame: Ten Keys to Ignite Your Campus for Jesus Christ.