Aug 20, 2015


Episode 62: Developing Discipleship Meetings – Part 2

In the second of a two-part series on developing discipleship meetings, Lance Crowell and Spencer Plumlee discuss the nuts and bolts of planning and executing a one-on-one discipleship meeting with a student. This episode includes principles for helping a student overcome barriers, and how & when to stop meeting with them weekly.

Spencer Plumlee
// Senior Pastor of Riverview Baptist Church in Osage Beach, MO // @spencerplumlee

Notable Points:

  • When a student is stuck in a particular area, that is a symptom of a deeper issue.
  • If there is no progress after several weeks, sometimes the right move can be to put the ball in the student’s court to take action, and take a few weeks off from meeting.
  • Your ability to diagnose and develop students will come first and foremost from your intimacy with Christ.
  • Don’t stop officially (weekly) meeting with a student until they are regularly investing in other students independently and on their own initiative. Once this happens, the frequency can change to once a month, and the focus shifts to how they are investing in others.

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about the author

Spencer Plumlee

Spencer is the pastor of Riverview Baptist Church in Osage, MO. He previously served churches in South Carolina and Texas in youth, college, and discipleship ministry. He has a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.