Sep 24, 2015

Mobilize, Reach

Episode 67: Dugout Discipleship – The UGA Baseball Story

What can happen when two baseball recruits begin praying for the salvation and spiritual transformation of their future teammates? This podcast highlights God’s activity in the lives of athletes on the University of Georgia baseball team, and how revival spread through the locker room and beyond.

Trey Logan
// Sophomore, Infielder // Bio

Drew Moody // Junior, Pitcher // Bio

Beau Tucker // Sophomore, Pitcher // Bio

Notable Points:

  • The prayer of students wanting to reach their peers is powerful. How are you encouraging your students to pray for their friends who don’t know Christ?
  • It started with a 21 day challenge to read through the Book of John, and has led to multiple salvations and ongoing disciple-making relationships of students to other students. What methods are your students empowered to use to share the Gospel with their friends?
  • The Gospel is best shared and well received in the context of close community and deep relationship – like an athletic team. What affinity groups are students in your ministry already involved in?
  • Advice to collegiate leaders trying to reach athletes: “Be invested, and let them [athletes] know that you really care. Proximity, quantity, and quality time are key.”

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