Oct 01, 2015


Episode 68: After College – Preparing Graduates for Lifelong Faithfulness

In this episode, Erica Young Reitz joins Brian Frye to discuss the importance of equipping seniors for life post-graduation. Erica highlights the most pressing topics that graduates face in their transition, shares the secret-sauce of the Senior EXIT program’s success at Penn State, and gives a preview of her upcoming book: After College – Navigating Transitions, Relationships, and Faith.

Erica Young Reitz // Director of Senior EXIT, State College, PA // erica@calvarysc.org seniorexit.com @EricaReitz

Notable Points:

  • Even some of our best students in ministry can be unprepared to navigate life after college. How can we steward students’ time in college well to prepare them to live faithful lives, in all of life, for a lifetime?
  • Senior EXIT is a yearlong experience for graduating seniors addressing the most pressing topics that graduates will face after leaving college. What is your strategy for proactively equipping seniors?
  • This topic is so important that universities are beginning focus on life after college at an institutional level, yet campus ministries tend to still lag behind.
  • The goal is not to help students avoid all obstacles, but to help them anticipate what the transition will be like, and how to honor God through it.
  • Topics of Senior EXIT include: Finding Community, Finance, Relationships, Family, Worldview, and more.

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Watch for Erica’s new book, After College – Navigating Transitions, Relationships and Faith coming in July 2016!
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Erica Young Reitz

After 14 years of college ministry experience working for the CCO, Erica is now teaching and consulting. Her passion for equipping graduating seniors to prepare for life after college continues. Erica is available to speak and consult – she loves connecting with students and 20-somethings as well as with practitioners who work with them. Currently, she serves as an adjunct faculty for Geneva College’s Master’s in Higher Education Program. She is the author of After College: Navigating Transitions, Relationship and Faith (InterVarsity Press). www.aftercollegetransition.com

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