Oct 22, 2015


Episode 71: Principles for Reaching Collegiate Women with the Gospel

In this first of our two-part series with Marian Jordan Ellis, author, teacher, and founder of Redeemed Girl Ministries, Marian talks about using story to share the gospel with collegiate women. She also shares how to cultivate their love for Christ and help them live their lives on mission for the glory of God.

Marian Jordan Ellis
// Founder of Redeemed Girl Ministries, www.redeemedgirl.org // @marianjordan

Redeemed Girl Ministries (RGM) exists to see women redeemed by the grace of Jesus, transformed by His truth, and live for the glory of His name. RGM puts on evangelistic events called “Girls’ Night Out” on college campuses all across North America to reach women who wouldn’t normally set foot in a church and introduce them to Christ.
Since their founding, over 9,000 women have trusted Jesus at evangelistic outreach events and thousands more discipled through RGM resources and small groups.


Notable Points:

  • “Every woman can relate to a story. .. We can use stories to tell the greatest story of all – the Gospel.”
  • If we can start by helping students identify the “God-shaped hole in their soul” and the things that they are trying to fill it with, then they are much more open to talking about the consequences and the solution.
  • “If we take God at His word, then anyone can do this. We can pray for revival and awakening on our campuses. We can go out into the harvest to share the good news.”
  • “No one is going out to do the work of evangelism on our own. We are on co-mission with Him.”
  • When we teach and disciple our Christian leaders to how great and glorious God is, the natural result is a heart that says “Here am I, send me.”

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about the author

Marian Jordan Ellis

Marian is the founder of Redeemed Girl Ministries. Marian's powerful testimony of coming to brokenness and emptiness and her dynamic account of the gentle mercy and forceful grace of Christ who called her into his arms permeate all of her writings and speaking engagements. Whole in Christ and ready to tell any ear that will listen, Marian has a passion for young women seeking to find their fulfillment in anything other than Christ. She is an active speaker and published author of six books: Sex and The City Uncoverd, Wilderness Skills for Women, The List, Radiant, The Girlfriends Guidebook and Sex and the Single Christian Girl. She is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. When Marian isn’t writing, blogging, or on the road traveling to college campuses and women’s events, she loves cooking, spending time with friends, and mountain biking with the boys. Today, Marian lives in San Antonio with Justin and their two boys.