Nov 12, 2015


Episode 74: Collegiate Ministry Innovators – Why We Need Them

In this episode, Brian Frye and Rick James discuss the importance of innovators in collegiate ministry, why we need them, and what their contributions look like.

Rick James // Publisher, CruPress //

Notable Points:

  • Innovation in ministry means: Sometimes the most strategic ministry decisions are not based on the most strategic business decisions.
  • Innovation in ministry means: Feeling the freedom to try things and fail, in faith.
  • Innovation in ministry means: Not starting with “No”
  • “Trying things in faith that cause the stomach to wrench is good for the soul.”


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Rick James

Rick has his M.Div. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and is currently working on a PhD. in Philosophy of Religion. He’s been on staff with Cru for 30 years and serves as the publisher of CruPress. His other writings include: Jesus Without Religion (InterVarsityPress, 2006) A Million Ways to Die (Cook, 2010), and Up All Night (NavPress, forthcoming). Rick lives in West Chester, PA with his wife Katie; their personal blog is

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