Nov 19, 2015


Episode 75: Invitation and Challenge

In this episode, Lance Crowell and Scott Kindig discuss the invitation/challenge framework for disciple-making and how you can apply it practically in your collegiate ministry.

Scott Kindig
// Executive Pastor, Grace Family of Churches, Atlanta, GA // @ScottKindig

Notable Points:

  • Invitation is “Come follow me.” It is highly relational. We aren’t inviting students to a class or a discussion group, but into our lives.
  • Challenge is “Go make disciples.” It is living for the King by passing on what we have received in discipleship.
  • When there is too much challenge, and not enough invitation you get a discouraged culture. Conversely, too much invitation and not enough challenge results in a “cozy” culture where there is no missional activity.
  • As you add challenge into a cozy culture, it may feel uncomfortable or feel as if you are going backward. This pattern, and even the push-back from those in your ministry, are to be expected, and are part of the disciple-making journey.

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Scott Kindig

Scott is the Executive Pastor at Grace Fellowship Church in Atlanta, GA and has over 20 years experience in ministry to the next generation.