Dec 24, 2015


Episode 79: Reaching Collegians as a University Administrator

Full-time campus ministers and pastors aren’t the only ones God is using to reach campus. In this episode, hear from Peter Dunne, about an exploding ministry at St. Joseph’s University, and how his faculty position has provided unique opportunities to support student leaders.

Peter Dunne // Assistant Director of Housing, St. Joseph’s University //  

Notable Points:

  • As someone on staff at a university, the most important thing you can do is be available. Seek to encourage and support student leaders as they take initiative in ministry.
  • Some ways you can support students: Offer to meet, dream, plan, and pray. Offer space where they can meet together – either for group fellowships, or as a leadership team.
  • Growth through a circle: Small and large group gatherings with no focal point, but all students (including worship leaders & teachers) in one circle, create a safe environment for sharing and seekers.
  • As a faculty member, your one hour a week discipling a student could allow them to reach 15 or 20 students that you never could.


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about the author

Peter Dunne

Peter is the Assistant Director for Housing Operations at St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, PA.