Dec 31, 2015


Episode 80: Why They Stay

There have been many statistics and well-documented studies of why millennials leave the church. But what about those who don’t? Why do they stay? In this episode, Steve Parr and David Evans tackle this topic and share the results of the new research-based book, “Why They Stay.”

Steve Parr // Georgia Baptist Convention // @steverparr

David Evans // Tennessee Baptist Convention // @davidevans777  

Notable Points:

  • Hear results of a national, multi-denominational survey of 1400 young adults (age 30-35) asking what it was about their church or college ministry experience that led them to remain involved in the church into their 30’s.
  • Major Findings
    • If a student loved their pastor growing up, they are more than twice as likely to stay in church for a lifetime as those who did not.
    • If a student connects with a local church congregation in the fall semester of their freshman year, they are 138% more likely to still be in the church at age 30.
    • 13 more major findings or “anchors” and 5 “surprises”


Additional Resources:

Why They Stay: Helping Parents and Church Leaders Make Investments that Keep Children and Teens Connected to Church for a Lifetime by Steve Parr and Tom Crites


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about the author

Steve Parr

Steve is an author, preacher, and provides leadership for the missionary staff of the Georgia Baptist Convention.

about the author

David Evans

David currently serves as the Evangelism Specialist with the Tennessee Baptist Convention. He is the founding pastor of Epiphany Baptist Church, where he served for 15 years reaching unchurched millennials.