Jan 21, 2016


Episode 83: Being Christian at a Christian College

What is it like to be a Christian student at a Christian College? Seems simple enough, but as Brian Zunigha explains in this episode, there’s more to it than you may think.

Brian Zunigha // Director of Discipleship at California Baptist University; Riverside, CA // @bzuni  bzunigha@calbaptist.edu  redeemerbc.org

Notable Points:

  • Students in Christian schools must also be diligent to learn what the gospel is, how to articulate it clearly, and regularly practice evangelism.
  • “Just because it’s a Christian University, doesn’t mean that every student is a genuine Christ follower. Every fall, we assume incoming students aren’t believers until we see fruit in their life.”
  • A danger for students in Christian College environments is substituting the next corporate “Christian” event for a true walk with Christ.
  • Prospective students to Christian universities should ask the question, “If I want to grow in my faith and receive mentoring and discipleship who should I talk to on campus?”
  • The bottom line is the same for students on all campuses – private, public, Christian, or non: Evangelism, disciple-making, time in the Word, and engaging with the church in Biblical community are essentials for a growing relationship with Christ.


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about the author

Brian Zunigha

Brian planted and leads Christian Challenge at California Baptist University. He is a passionate missions mobilizer and speaker for collegiate ministry events.