Feb 11, 2016


Episode 86: Theology of the Gospel Course

Jeff Dodge joins the Collective Podcast again this week to talk about the Theology of the Gospel course, developed at Cornerstone Church in Ames, IA. More than a tool or evangelism model, TOG takes students through an intensive study to deepen their understanding of the full Gospel, as revealed in scripture. You can download the entire TOG course FREE through the links at the bottom of the shownotes.


Jeff Dodge // Teaching Pastor & CST Director, Cornerstone Church, Ames, IA // cornerstonelife.com/cst   @jdodgex6


Notable Points:

  • The Theology of the Gospel (TOG) course is designed to give people a full understanding of the message of the Bible – the Gospel.
  • “We don’t need a new trendy way of communicating the gospel… but a deep understanding of the theology of the Gospel from Genesis to Revelation.”
  • TOG is a 9-session course, used for discipleship and a gateway into leadership within Salt Company and Cornerstone Church.
  • Get a Free Download of the full PDF of the TOG course HERE:
  • Videos of Jeff teaching TOG sessions are available HERE.


Additional Resources:

Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Hitchhiker’s Conference, April 14-16, 2016: http://www.hitchhikerssaltco.com/

The Well Course from h2o Church, Bowling Green OH

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about the author

Jeff Dodge

Jeff Dodge serves as a Teaching Pastor at Cornerstone Church in Ames, IA. He is also Director of the Cornerstone School of Theology.