Apr 28, 2016


Episode 97: Senior Conversations

Pastors Dave Turner and Wes Smith of Summit Church have a vision for their college students to bring Jesus to the Nations. The way they do that is through giving their students a clear next step after college through Senior Conversations. In today’s Podcast, Dave and Wes will talk through what life can look like for students after graduation and how to challenge them to continue to grow, and to leverage their life for the Gospel.


Dave Turner // Director of Summit College // dturner@summitrdu.com

Wes Smith // Assistant Director of Summit College // wsmith@summitrdu.com  


Notable Points:

  • What is Summit’s strategy to bring college students to the nations?
    • The “Why” of Senior Conversations
    • The 2-Year Plan
    • Helping students pray through next steps
  • Summit Student Mobilization Talk
    • Talk has two purposes: (1) That students would make the mission of God a defining reality in your life (2) That students would avail themselves of some of the opportunities Summit is providing for them in mission.
  • Senior Conversations: Individually challenge students to give the next 2 years fully devoted to the mission of God.


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Just Do Something


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about the author

Wes Smith

Wes is the college discipleship pastor at The Summit Church. He has been married to his wife, Molly, for 2 years and they love reaching college students and seeing them sent to the nations. Go Heels!

about the author

Dave Turner

Dave serves as the College Pastor at the Summit Church RDU. Dave’s primary goal in life is to know Christ more deeply each day and help others to as well…in hopes that they would all be “disciples who make disciples”.