May 12, 2016


Episode 99: Campus Playbook

Mike Filicicchia, on staff with New Life Ann Arbor, shares about the campus playbook. The playbook is a tool New Life Ann Arbor uses to develop, train, and disciple leaders within their church. The playbook is an over 100 page document that brings together over 20 years of ministry experience within their church and unites their leaders in staff together in a common language. This playbook teaches students how to engage with unbelievers, how to develop new believers, and how to form mature believers into disciple making disciples. Listen to the podcast and and then download the playbook for yourself.


Mike Filicicchia // Team Leader, New Life Ann Arbor // @mikefili //

Notable Points:
  • What is the history of New Life Ann Arbor? (00:00-05:30)
  • The campus playbook: what is it and how did it develop? (05:30-08:00)
  • How has the playbook been received and transferred into the culture of New Life? (08:00-09:45)
  • How it the playbook laid out and categorized? (10:00-12:30)
    • Unbeliever (Befriending the lost, inviting the lost, sharing to the lost)
    • New Believer (Prayer practice, relational practice, missional practice)
    • Mature Believer (Selection of disciples, shepherding, training/apprentice)
  • Can’t miss things in the playbook (12:40-15:00)
    • The foundational practices (prayer and and planning practice)
      • Teaches students how to not waste time and be intentional about their week.
      • How do students need to spend their Monday, Tuesday,…?
  • Is the material portable? Can other churches or ministries use this playbook as is or what can be adjusted? (15:15-17:00)
  • Who would you say influenced this playbook? (17:10-18:45)
    • Selection Chapter (Robert Colman Master Plan of Evangelism)
    • Apprentice Work (Mike Breen 3DM, The New Thing Network)
    • Securing Commitments (Rick Warren, Purpose Driven Life)
    • Character, Competency, Chemistry (Bill Hybels)
  • One thing you would encourage them to do to best implement the Campus Playbook? (19:00-20:00)
    • Fill in those 9 boxes for your ministry?
      • How are we moving people to the next step in their walk with Jesus?
      • Get people on the same language and create alignment.
  • Give students a destination for when they graduate.


Download the Campus Playbook here!


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Mike Filicicchia

Mike is the North Campus Region Director at New Life Church, Ann Arbor. He is passionate about multiplying house churches among undergraduates and developing effective training tools and structures for mobilizing students in ministry.