Apr 17, 2017


How To’s of Cultivating Female Team Members

Collegiate ministry is blessed to have many Godly women serving on staff teams across the country. In this roundtable, hear about how these women can be encouraged and cared for well to help them stay in ministry for the long-haul, and get some creative insight on ways they can uniquely contribute in any ministry context. It will help you in the development of the female team members in your organization.

Key Points:

  • Remember that ministry is an overflow of one’s own life and walk with Christ. Don’t become so focused on tasks that relationship and spiritual growth lag.
  • Raising financial support can be a particularly dreaded task for many staff women. Provide much encouragement and accountability for them as they work toward their support raising goal.
  • When looking to add female staff members, consider those who are thriving in their role as a student leader.

Questions to consider:

  • In what ways is “soul care” being made a priority for the women on your staff team?
  • How can you creatively capitalize on the different seasons of life of a female staff member?

about the author

Kendra Gustafson

Kendra is on staff with The Salt Company, the college ministry of Cornerstone Church in Ames, Iowa. She leads in the area of identifying and equipping student leaders.

about the author

Melody Richeson

Melody is the Executive Director of AlongsideWomen, Inc., a ministry she founded in order to help raise up the next generation of female ministry staff.

about the author

Putti Benner

Putti is a 2012 graduate of UT Arlington and a current Southwestern Seminary student. She is in her fifth year serving on BSM staff.

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Heidi Frye