Feb 22, 2016


Fights, Nights, and Refrigerator Rights

Why Doing Life Together is Essential for Effective Ministry

It is easy to talk about making disciples, but sometimes there seems to be a disconnect when it comes to practicing “life-on-life” discipleship. Jesus took a group of men and lived life with them for three years. These men, because of their time and exposure to Jesus, were able to lead a great movement.  What we see from this example is that you can not do discipleship from the stage, “it has to be done from the stage of somebody’s life.”
Scott Kindig (Grace Family of Churches – Snellville, GA)

Brian Frye (North American Mission Board)

Steve Kim (Gracepoint Riverside – Riverside, CA)

Key Points:
  • “Life-on-Life” is what Jesus modeled for us.
  • Discipleship is more than a leader-follower relationship. With time it becomes a peer-to- peer relationship.
  • Discipleship happens when you invite people into your life, to be a part of your life.
  • Information transfers, people innovate, but they still need to have somebody to imitate.
Questions to consider:
  • What/who are you modeling your disciple making after?
  • What fruit have you seen in disciple making? Are your disciples making disciples?
  • Do those who you are mentoring/coaching/disciplining have full access to your life?

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