Aug 18, 2014

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The First 10 Days: Connecting with Freshmen

Reaching incoming freshmen presents both an incredible opportunity and challenge for campus ministries and churches. In this video, Drew Worsham (Resonate) and William Kang (Gracepoint) talk with Brian Frye about their churches’ approach to connecting with freshmen, and emphasize the importance of capitalizing on the first ten days. From barbecues and movie nights, to dorms and dining halls, these churches provide examples and encouragement to do whatever it takes to connect with the new students on campus. Participants: Brian Frye (National Collegiate Strategist – North American Mission Board) Drew Worsham (On Campus Pastor – Resonate Church – Pullman, WA) William Kang (Pastor – Gracepoint Davis – Davis, CA) Key Points:

  • Reaching freshmen within their first ten days on campus is crucial for connecting them to a ministry. After that window, assimilation becomes much less likely.
  • Go where the freshmen are. Mobilize your returning students and leadership onto campus to connect with as many freshmen as possible.
  • Make it sticky. The more relational contacts made with a freshman, the more likely they are to continue connecting with the ministry throughout the semester.

Questions to consider:

  • Where are the strategic locations that your members and staff can immerse themselves to meet freshmen during the first ten days?
  • What are some events already happening on campus during the first ten days that your ministry can be present at? Should your ministry consider planning an event of its own?
  • In what ways can you hold your encourage your members and staff to build relationships with many freshmen during the first ten days? What is your view on giving each one a quota as discussed in the video?

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