May 18, 2015

Develop, Lead

From Spider to Starfish: Developing Collegiate Church Networks

Ed Kang (Senior Pastor- Gracepoint Berkeley- Berkeley, CA)
Paul Fiske (Lead Pastor- Alethiea: James Madison- Harrisonburg, VA)
Matt Pardi (Pastor/Network Leader- h2o Toledo/The h2o Church Network- Bowling Green, OH)

In this discussion three lead pastors of collegiate churches examine the idea of “spider” or “starfish” types of organizational leadership. They share about how their ministries create a culture where leaders rise up or transition and the ministry benefits rather than crumbles.

Key Points:

  • A strong sense of “we” within church leadership creates a culture where potential leaders and key members feel ownership and responsibility.
  • Matt shares that within h2o they purposely create similar ministry practices, communication & finances for several of their pastors to promote an equal standing.
  • Lead pastors who delegate and encourage the sharing of responsibility can help their church or church networks to become more starfish-like and less spider-like.

Questions to consider:

  • Consider the idea Matt presents regarding giving a responsibility with someone who can do it with 70% effectiveness. Are there things that you do that can benefit a future leader in your church if you gave a task over?
  • How would you characterize your church’s system: as a spider? or starfish?
  • What are the benefits of collegiate churches to be more like a starfish?


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