Oct 06, 2014


Gospel Appointments: Part 3

I Have a Gospel Appointment. Now what?

Gospel appointments are the best evangelistic tool I’ve found to lead college students to Christ. Read this three-part series to find out how God is using them in our ministry and to get tips on how you can use them on your campus.

In Part 1, we talked about what gospel appointments are and how God has used them in our ministry. Part 2 was about how to set up gospel appointments. Now, let us turn our attention to what you can do when you have a gospel appointment.

  1.  Pray like crazy! Fast or set aside some time to pray for your friend. Recruit people from your group to pray for you before and during your meeting. Remember, our best presentations are powerless apart from the Holy Spirit moving.
  2.  Make sure to confirm the meeting time and location that day through a phone call or text message.
  3.  Bring your Bible or whatever you like to use when sharing Christ with someone. Bring a pen, paper, Bible or booklet. We use something called “Gospel Lessons.”
  4.  Start by getting to know the person a bit more, but jump in pretty quick talking about deeper things such as family and upbringing. Remember, they agreed to meet expecting to talk about spiritual things. Then, walk through the three story outline below.
    1. Their Story: Ask them to share their story about their experience with spiritual things. You could ask, “So what’s your background when it comes to spiritual things?”
    2. Your Story: Share your story briefly. Try and do a one-minute version. It could be about how you became a Christian or what God is doing in your life currently.
    3. God’s Story: Introduce the Bible lesson or illustration. We say “Something that the ministry I am a part of does is these Bible lessons that teach the basics about having a relationship with God. Do you mind if I show you one?” or “I have this illustration that explains the big story of God… etc.”
  5.  Begin discussing the Scripture or booklet you’ve brought to share with then. Make sure to sit close enough that both of you can comfortably see it. You don’t need to add a lot to it. Simply take them through it. We tell our students “If you can read then you can lead people to Christ!”
  6.  Make the invitation clear. Ask them if they want to become a Christian. We use written prayers of response that we let them read. Give them time to read it and think about it. Then ask “Would you like to commit your life to Christ right now?”
  7.  If they say no, respectfully ask what is keeping them from making this commitment? Don’t be pushy or try and force a decision! Simply cultivate a relationship. Then ask if they would like to keep investigating the Bible together.
  8.  If they say yes to Christ, show your excitement and lead them to pray to God by reading off the prayer or praying in their own words. Tell them to feel free to make it their own because it is not magic words but the attitude of the heart. I usually open in prayer thanking God for our time and then ask them to pray to God.
  9.  Celebrate and set up a follow up meeting! Tell them that this is the most important decision of their lives! Then say “This was fun! There are some other things like this that we could look at if you want to start meeting. Does this same time next week work for you?” Make sure you have a time to meet again before you leave! Thank and Praise God for what he is doing!

Don’t let the simplicity of this method dissuade you from giving it an honest try! Don’t look at gospel appointments as a one-time event but a tool that helps initiate a long term relationship with the person. If you boldly and relationally share Jesus I believe you will lead many students to Christ and see them plugged into your ministry.

Please share your thoughts or questions below. What struggles with relational or initiative evangelism have you had in the past? What benefit could this method have on your ministry if you intentionally trained students and staff to use it?

More tools to help equip you for Gospel appointments:

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Paul Worcester

Paul and his wife Christy planted Christian Challenge at California State University, Chico from scratch. Since then hundreds of students have indicated decisions to become followers of Jesus, with many growing as disciples and learning to multiply their faith. Paul is the author of "Tips for Starting a College Ministry." He has a a passion for equipping and encouraging fellow collegiate leaders to make disciples on campus through his writing, speaking, consulting and social media. Paul and Christy have two children. Paul loves to surf and play other sports when possible.