Apr 09, 2018


Gospel Grit is About Faithfulness

Bryan Wiles is back to explain how faithfulness is one key implication of having gospel grit on campus.

In a previous article I talked about gospel grit and how it is one of our secrets to reaching college students. We defined gospel grit as the willingness to do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission God has given us. But over the next few months we want to move from the 30,000 foot view of gospel grit to the on the ground look at what it actually means to be a church that values gospel grit. So here is one of the main attributes of Grit.

Gospel Grit is about faithfulness.

You are probably familiar with Colossians 3:23-24:

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.”  (NIV) 

This is a verse that I fear many know but few live out when it comes to ministry. Let’s face it college ministry is hard. More than most people realize you have to constantly put yourself out there, ask hard questions, do hard things, say hard things, be bold, be patient, be loving… The list could go on and on. The emotional, spiritual, and even physical energy it takes to be in ministry is often underestimated. This is not a calling for the weak at heart.

However, this can not give us an excuse to retreat and hide behind our computer and phone screens. Being faithful in ministry means constantly looking for and cooperating with God to create repeated opportunities for others to hear about Jesus. If you feel called to reach college students you are signing up for a task that will take work — hard, faithful work — but I can assure you it is worth it!

Being faithful and working hard does not mean that resting is wrong. At H2O we recognize there is always a tension between rest and work. We often reference a tool from 3DM that teaches, “We are created to work from a place of rest rather than rest from a place of work (John 15:1-5).” So when we are working we literally strive to work as if our boss was Jesus. When we are resting, we strive to rest in a way that restores and refreshes our souls. Work and rest are not opposed to each other. They work together like a pendulum. But, faithfulness means that when we are working we don’t let excuses, attitudes, or fears keep us from doing our part in God’s mission to reach the world around us.

If we want to have gospel grit we have to constantly ask ourselves if we are being faithful with the ministry God has given us.

So what does faithfulness look like for you?

Reflection Questions

  • How have you let fear stop you from doing what you know you are called to do?
  • How do you put yourself in a position to be a light to the people around you daily?
  • When you say you are going to do something does it get done?
  • Do you work from a place of rest, or do you rest from your work?


about the author

Bryan Wiles

Bryan lives in Bowling Green, Ohio with his wife Sarah and three kids. He serves as a pastor at H2O Church Bowling Green and H2O Akron (www.h2ochurch.com). He first joined H2O as a student in 1998 and witnessed first hand the power of living life on mission for Jesus. He is passionate about raising up leaders, planting churches, and reaching college students with the gospel.