Nov 24, 2014


The Gracepoint Model: Collegiate Churches in Urban Settings


Pastors Ed Kang and Daniel Kim of Gracepoint Church discuss the history and evolution of reaching college students on urban California campuses. From its humble beginning in 1981 as a Korean speaking church near campus, to the rapidly multiplying ministry network it is today, Gracepoint’s vision is to see an Acts 2 church in every college town. Through multiple collegiate churches, and strategy of using multiple ministries to reach into campus, they are making great strides to see that vision fulfilled.


Chase Abner (Collegiate Evangelism Strategist – Illinois Baptist State Association)
Ed Kang (Senior Pastor – Gracepoint Berkeley – Berkeley, CA)
Daniel Kim (Pastor – Gracepoint San Diego – San Diego, CA)

Key Points:

  • The close proximity and communal environment of a college campus make it ideal for living out the vision of being an Acts 2 church.
  • In the Gracepoint model, a church planting team consists of 10-30 people, with one full-time, paid pastoral couple. The rest of the team are bi-vocational ministers.
  • Each Fall on one day, one-fourth of campus shows up looking for new friends and connections. Reaching these freshmen is critical, so cast a wide net.

Questions to consider:

  • What opportunities exist for you to multiply the reach of your ministry by taking a multi-pronged approach into different affinity groups? (artists, atheists, ethnic groups, etc.)
  • How could implementing an “open door policy” and “refrigerator rights” change the way students in your ministry view Christian community?
  • In what ways can you cast a bigger net in order to reach freshmen before the window of opportunity closes?
  • How can you help older students catch the vision and stay involved in your ministry post graduation?

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