Mar 23, 2015

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How to Preach to College Students

In this video, Keith Weiser, Timothy Rhee, and Rob Warren share their strategies for communicating to college students, emphasizing the need to be relevant and experience driven. The millennial generation communicates differently than many of the generations before them, and pastors are finding a need to adapt their communication styles in response. 


Keith Wieser (Lead Pastor- Resonate- Pullman, WA)

Timothy Rhee (Pastor- Gracepoint Minneapolis- Minneapolis, MN)

Rob Warren (Pastor- h2o Bowling Green- Bowling Green, OH)


Key Points:

  • For the students with no biblical background, identifying aspects of the the human condition (e.g. brokenness) and tying it to biblical stories and passages can help students understand God’s truth as relevant.
  • Millennials seek the experience. Preaching a message that communicates the “taste and see the Lord is good” aspect of Christianity may help them resonate with a sermon.
  • Communicate in ways to give students a holistic “lens” through which they can see the world.


Questions to consider:

  • Timothy mentions that he incorporates brokenness and grace in nearly all his messages. Rob ties in undercurrents of purpose and identity in his messages. What is the one thing that you want to communicate to the millennials in your church?
  • What kind of interactive experiences can you incorporate in your sermons?
  • How can the college students in your church hear each other’s testimonies on a regular basis?


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