Mar 28, 2016


Four Lethal Mindsets for Reaching College Students

Do This and Die

What can stifle spiritual growth in students and effectively kill a church? In this video, collegiate church planters Keith Wieser, Chris James, and Mark Vance explore some of the lethal mindsets that cause MAJOR problems for any college ministry.
Chris James (Mill City Church – Lowell, MA)

Mark Vance (Director of The Salt Co. – Ames, IA)

Keith Wieser (Lead Pastor- Resonate Church Network- Pullman, Wa)

Key Points:
  • Avoid a “Country Club Mentality” – Don’t just cater to those that are already going to show up.
  • Help your students understand that heart change is not just following the rules.
  • Avoid the trap of having a big vision with no execution.
  • Allow the Lord to determine if you succeed or not.
  • Beware of low expectations. Students can and will rise to the expectations of their role models.
  • Often we try to be “cool enough” for our students. Be their pastor, you don’t need to plan their social life.  
  • Avoid worrying over the number of people who are coming to large-group gatherings.
  • Don’t forget about life after college, teach students about the value of the local church.
  • Don’t sacrifice yourself and your family in the name of the ministry. God placed them in your life and calls you to them.
Questions to consider:
  • Who, specifically, is your ministry focused on reaching and why?
  • Are you seeing real heart change in your students?
  • Are you carrying the burden of success in your ministry, or are you letting the Lord define success for you?

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