Jul 20, 2015


Life Shaping Community – Downloadable Tool

The Collegiate Collective offers a free tool for helping students and leaders understand their shape for ministry by exploring God’s activity in their life.

Click here to download “Life Shaping Community” (pdf).

God is always at work in us and around us. Constantly shaping us through relationships and experiences, He molds our character and directs our paths.

As followers of Christ, and especially as college ministers, we are called to make disciples that make more disciples. (2 Timothy 2:2) The “Life Shaping Community” tool encourages participants toward this end by having them examine the disciple making relationships in their lives. First by reflecting on those who have been influential in developing them, and then by considering who they are currently investing in for the purpose of multiplication.

The tool also helps individuals articulate their Core Values and evaluate any key learnings and “next steps” that God is currently presenting in their lives.

This very basic tool is a great community building experience to help your team know themselves and know each other better as they discover and share God’s activity throughout their lives. It is something that every staff should go through at some point. “Life Shaping Community” will also provide clarity for leaders as to the individual stories and trajectories of their team members. Knowing where someone has been, and how God has used those experiences to shape their character and skills is an invaluable tool that is often overlooked in ministry. We hope that you and your team will benefit from this tool.

Feel free to use it as is or adapt it as needed for your team.

Click here to download “Life Shaping Community” (pdf).

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