May 01, 2014

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Love Your Alma Mater: Capturing Your Alumni Base to Fuel Collegiate Church Expansion

Through the years of ministering on campus, hundreds of students are impacted who then move on after college to different cities and jobs. In this roundtable discussion, three experienced collegiate ministers talk about ways to effectively engage your alumni base and give them opportunities to continue to support the work of the ministry on campus.

Tim Lubinus (Missions Pastor – Cornerstone Church (Salt Co.) – Ames, IA)
Jon Sapp (State Collegiate Director – KS/NE Baptist State Convention)
Bryan Wiles (Pastor – h2o Bowling Green – Bowling Green, OH)

Key Points:

  • Diligence and creativity in staying connected with alumni is vital in garnering their support financially, through prayer, and in other involvement.
  • Connecting with alumni early, even before the graduate, offers the best chance of securing long-term support.
  • Parents of current students are an often overlooked, yet potentially eager, donor base.

Questions to consider:

  • Rate your ministry on how well you stay connected with alumni in their first couple of years post-graduation. In what ways can you improve?
  • In addition to those mentioned in the video, what other creative fundraising efforts can your ministry use to connect with alumni?
  • How active is your ministry in giving parents of current students an opportunity to give?

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