May 16, 2016


No Property, Nomadic, No Problem

Benefits of Buildingless Churches on Campus

In this roundtable discussion, collegiate ministry leaders discuss the benefits and challenges that come with adopting a buildingless model, which include helping eliminate a consumer mentality, and encouraging ownership in the students.


  • Jordan Nelson (Resonate Church – Pullman, WA)
  • Jon Shah (H20 OSU – Columbus, OH)
  • David Lewkowicz (Campus Church – Cullowhee, NC)
  • Jonathan Lee (Gracepoint – Austin, TX)

Key Points:

  • Using on-campus facilities is a great benefit, but occasionally put the gathering at the mercy of other scheduled events in the facility.
  • Flexibility in locations allows the ministry change locations and venues as growth occurs.
  • Not owning a building fosters culture of depending on the Lord. This comes in where you will meet for worship, and who will be there to help set up. This need also creates a great place for students to start serving and take ownership and helps fight against the consumer mentality.  
  • Being buildingless keeps you missional. It takes away the “place” to go, and naturally brings ministry into the homes of your leaders and students.
  • Challenges students to BE the Church, not just attend it.

Questions to consider:

  • Are you a buildingless ministry? Looking at your ministry now, do you feel you have taken advantage of the benefits to being buildingless?
  • If you have a building for your ministry, are there any activities that you should consider moving off-site? (either on-campus or into homes?)
  • In what ways are your students involved in serving and owning the ministry?


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