Dec 26, 2016


Our Most Popular 2016 Posts

We want to wrap up the year at Collegiate Collective by sharing the most popular new posts of 2016. Thanks for reading!

Here’s our most popular 2016 posts – counting down from number five:

5. Welcome to College, Generation Z – Tom Knight

In this piece, Tom Knight plays to his strengths and provides an incisive picture of the generation of students now coming to our campuses.

Key quote: “Large and cosmopolitan, this generation will be able to include people from different races and backgrounds, could be more practical and businesslike, yet wiling to use its entrepreneurial skills in ministry proclamation. They are influenced by more non-Christian sources than ever before, yet have the potential to reach more non-Christians than ever before.”

4. Episode 88 – Porn is Not the Problem – Mitch Tidwell

The lone podcast in our top five is an episode featuring Mitch Tidwell as he tackles the topic that affects so many college/university students across the globe.

Key quote: “The road you lead someone down to help them recover from a porn addiction must lead to the Cross of Christ and a risen Savior.”

3. The Second Discipleship Essential: Time Together – Paul Worcester

This post was the second in a series from Paul Worcester about the three essentials of making disciples in college ministry. Click to read Part 1 and Part 3.

Key quote: “Discipleship is more caught than taught. Jesus modeled the most effective form of disciplemaking by giving us what is commonly known as the “with him principle” based on Mark 3:14.”

2. 7 Ways Resonate Church Inspires – Brian Frye

You know Brian Frye‘s voice as a host of our podcast, but we’re very thankful for this piece he contributed on the Resonate Church movement in the Pacific Northwest. We won’t be surprised if Resonate starts popping up across North America soon!

Key quote: “From its roots as a traditional Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) at Washington State, Resonate Church has emerged as an example of God granting a validating and motivating victory to the collegiate church planting world.”

1. Summer Goals Worksheet – Paul Worcester

It’s no surprise that Paul has two posts among our most popular in 2016. Paul is a force of nature in resourcing collegiate leaders to reach, disciple, and mobilize students with the Gospel! In this piece, he provides a tool that he uses to help students stay focused and motivated to grow over summer breaks.

Key quote:  “As their discipler, you can give them a vision and help prepare them to make the most of their summer for Christ. Your input can shape their trajectory as a lifelong follower of Jesus AND prepare them for significant impact on campus when they return in the fall.”

We are so thankful for our readers. And in particular, we’re thankful that more readers are taking ownership of making Collegiate Collective all that is!

Thank you for a great 2016!


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