Dec 28, 2015


Our Top Podcasts of 2015

Check out our most popular podcasts of 2015.

We want to close out the year by looking back on some of the most popular content on Collegiate Collective during 2015. Last week, we shared the top posts from the year. Now, we turn our attention to our most downloaded podcasts of 2015.

5. Episode 31: Engaging College Students in Disaster Relief  // Fritz Wilson, George Jacobus, and Dani Andrews

This podcast focused on opportunities to involve college students in providing relief for communities impacted by major disasters. You can listen in to hear more about how disaster relief creates inroads for the gospel in unreached communities and provides an outlet for Millennials who desire to put gospel belief into action.

4. Episode 67: Dugout Discipleship – The UGA Baseball Story // Trey Logan, Beau Tucker, and Drew Moody

This episode features a fantastic story about two Georgia baseball recruits who prayed for their teammates and saw revival breakout in the locker room. Listen in to hear how focused prayer, intentional Bible reading, and deep relationships gave birth to a movement of the gospel through this D-I NCAA baseball team.

3. Episode 51: How a College Ministry Grows // Noe Garcia

Under Noe’s leadership, the college ministry of Cross Church in Fayetteville, AR has seen tremendous numerical and spiritual growth. In this podcast, he walks us through some of the key principles that have been central in their growth. He talks about giving leadership away, sharing good stories publicly, and being prepared for spiritual attack.

2. Episode 33: Student Volunteer Movement // Todd Ahrend

Collegiate leaders love to hear stories about the movements God has started through faithful college students. In this episode, Todd Ahrend of The Traveling Team reflects on the tremendous impact the Student Volunteer Movement had on mobilizing students to the foreign mission field. Through the course of 40 years, 20,000 students were sent overseas!

1. Episode 30: Changing the Scorecard in Church-based College Ministry // Dean Inserra

Dean Inserra is the pastor of City Church in Tallahassee, FL. He is leading that congregation to reach into lostness on the college campuses across their city. In this episode, he talks about how to mobilize students to reach their lost peers by removing normal church/social barriers to being on mission.

What was your favorite Collegiate Collective episode of 2015?

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