Apr 14, 2016


Peaks and Valleys – Downloadable Tool

All of us have highs and lows in life. Often times, however, we look at the peaks and valleys of our journey as isolated events, and we miss how God is masterfully orchestrating our lives for our growth and His glory. God doesn’t waist a moment or a circumstance in drawing us closer to Himself and preparing us for His purposes.

Just like God used Joseph’s imprisonment to bring the Jews to salvation from famine in Egypt, and God used Paul’s education and pedigree to prepare him to plant churches across Asia, God is using your circumstances and challenges to prepare your to impact the lives of others through the Gospel.

Our best and worst moments are not isolated. God is always working in and through us to bring us closer to himself and to grow us in our understanding of Him and His ways.

How is He shaping you? What peaks and valleys of your life have really been stepping stones along the path He has planned?

Peaks and Valleys is a simple tool designed to help you and your team see God’s activity in your defining moments. It is designed to help you see how He has prepared you to minister to others, and to consider how your life’s events are always moving toward a greater purpose. His greater purpose.

Download a PDF of the Peaks and Valleys tool to use for yourself or with your team HERE.

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about the author

Brian Frye

Brian serves as the collegiate evangelism strategist with the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio.  He leads the Ohio Collegiate Ministries team, which consists of collegiate ministries and collegiate church plants on 13 college and university campuses around Ohio.  In 2013, Brian joined the NAMB Collegiate team as national collegiate strategist. A graduate of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div., Ph.D.), he loves to think, read, lead, learn, strategize and develop people into followers of Christ. Brian and his wife of 13 years, Heidi, along with their three sons, live in Delaware, Ohio, where they love to eat ice cream, play Wii, ride bikes, talk about God, make Facebook videos and laugh really hard.