Apr 18, 2016


Making Tall Asks – Recruiting Students to Staff for Church Multiplication

The collegiate church planting movement lives and dies on the efforts of the college student.

Students may not have money to give but they have energy, time and passion for the mission. Many collegiate churches and ministries are finding that recruiting and making a tall ask of students in leadership to join staff after graduation is bearing much fruit. American culture pressures students to graduate and get a well-paying job right away, yet students who give their time and energy to the mission while in college are much more likely to consider joining staff or going on church plants and giving their lives to the collegiate church planting movement.

Matt Pardi (h2o Church – Toledo, OH)

Andrew Spink (The Salt Co. – Ames, IA)

Jon Shah (h2o Church – Columbus, OH)

Key Points:
  • Avoid a “Country Club Mentality” – Don’t just cater to those that are already going to show up.
  • Recruiting students to join staff after graduation can be challenging, due to other job opportunities they may have upon graduation
  • Raise the bar by asking them to step up to the challenge, “to do something hard”.
  • Student leadership is a great place to observe future leaders and start arming and equipping them for full time ministry.
  • Short term commitment to the ministry is a good place for up close appraisal of  skills and fit for vocational ministry
  • As a recruiting pitch, share the vision for reaching students on campus unashamedly. How much more compelling is the vision of sharing the gospel than that of the companies they could go to work for fresh out of school?
Questions to consider:
  • Do you have entry points during school to help with raising up and recruiting future staff members?
  • Do your leaders know and understand your vision for the campus?
  • How are you equipping the younger students for leadership?

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