Oct 31, 2016


#Send33 Twitter Chat Roundup

Here’s a roundup from the recent #Send33 Twitter Chat we co-hosted with the Send Network and North American Mission Board to focus on collegiate church planting.

On Tuesday, October 24th, we teamed up with Send Network for the first #Send33 Twitter Chat. Six Collegiate Church Planting panelists answered ten questions focusing on reaching university cities. We focused around the hashtag #Send33 – here’s why:

The Send Network and the North American Mission Board are working to plant a ton of churches in 32 of the largest North American cities. These organizations also realize that universities are THE epicenter of future culture and innovation. In many ways, college/university campuses are gateways to the major US cities. They know (and we fully agree) that cities of tomorrow are created by the students of today. Because of this NAMB is embracing the 403 largest universities of North America as a 33rd “send city” in which to plant churches.

The #Send33 initiative has three components: 1) To see one church planted on all 403 of the largest residential campuses. 2) To bring clear focus on university campuses as the most strategic mission field in the world in eyes of pastors and churches. 3) To facilitate (as much as humanly possible) a direct pathway for a church planting movement among college students. #Send33 is the idea that  universities are gospel expansion accelerators and the most effective pathway to reach the cities & the world.

Check out these questions and answers from pastors and planters!

Q1. Tell us about your church, current role and community you serve.

Q2. Why is collegiate church planting on your heart?

Q3. How have you seen God move as you’ve responded to this call to planting?

Q4. What’s most exciting about planting in a collegiate context?

Q5. What’s most challenging about planting in a university context?

Q6. What’s one piece of advice you’d share with someone just starting out?

Q7. How does your sending or supporting church best serve your collegiate church plant?

Q8. How do you create a multiplying culture in your church? Are collegiate communities more ripe for multiplying?

Q9. Is giving a challenge in a young community? How do you overcome that?

Q10. Why should others plant collegiate churches?

So much great content was provided by our panelists for the #Send33 Collegiate Church Planting chat! You can check out more by clicking here to see the entire chat Storified by Rahul Agarwal or search #Send33 on Twitter!

There were also two potential next steps we wanted to place before all who were involved or interested in the chat!

  1. Make plans to join us for our leadership pipeline webinar on November 9th! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. Mark Vance from The Salt Company will be walking through the leadership pipeline that’s led to the development and equipping of leaders in the Salt Network!

2. Make plans to join us for a regional Send North America conference! The North American Mission Board will be holding breakout sessions specifically geared toward Collegiate Ministry and Collegiate Church planting.

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