Sep 21, 2015


Setting Boundaries- Handling Church Discipline in Collegiate Churches

Bryan Wiles (Pastor – h2o Church Bowling Green – Bowling Green, OH)
Matthew Young (Small Group Pastor – Resonate Church – Pullman, WA)
Jonathan Lee (Pastor – Gracepoint Austin – Austin, TX)


The pastors in this roundtable discussion all agree, collegiate churches are not much different than community churches in needing to discipline and guide those who have mis-stepped. These pastors share how collegiate churches can use discipline to help Christ be glorified in someone’s life through communication, repentance & redemption.

Key Points:

  • Clearly explain expectations & goals for leaders, and repeat it often in interviews, trainings, meetings, etc.
  • Leaders within a church are held to a different expectation and standard than the seekers and nonbelievers.
  • The use of Scripture for correction and reproof is both life-giving and Christ- honoring.

Questions to consider:

  • How well do your leaders and members know what is expected of them? Do you have goals and descriptions written out?
  • What is the relationship between discipline and discipleship?


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