Mar 21, 2016


Stud Finder: Utilizing Men’s Events to Develop Church Leaders

“The need is great, the stakes are high”. Masculinity is being distorted by our culture, and we see a state of passivity among many young men. This can make it challenging to find guys to take on leadership roles in ministry. Here are some Ministry Studs to share some of the ways they have used men’s events to develop Church leaders.



Kyle Winters (H2O Ohio State University- Columbus, OH)

John “Free” Freeman (H2O Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh)

Matthew Young  (Resonate Church Network- Pullman, Wa)


Key Points:

  • Young men in church tend to be less involved and fall into a passive role, while women actively pursue leadership and servanthood. We also see a false “manly-man” attitude that is not biblical either.
  • The lack of men may be a limiting factor of how fast we can plant churches.
  • The goal is to teach an understanding of Biblical Masculinity. “How to inject truth into Masculinity”
  • Men’s events:
    • PIT Crew- Pastors in Training
    • Same gender small groups to help grow mens character.
    • Mens retreats with other churches, allowing men to see other men how biblical masculinity and leadership plays out in their lives.
    • A men’s retreat that is very experiential, helping men to feel the responsibility of biblical masculinity and leadership
  • Challenges: discipleship takes time, and men take time to grow and mature into leaders
  • Culture distorts masculinity, and we have to decide how much to resist the culture

Questions to consider:

  • What is the current state of the men in your context?
  • How are you identifying future leaders?
  • What structure do you have in place to teach and raise up leaders?
  • How are the events you use to target men, helping them to grow?

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