Sep 22, 2014


How Students Get Info On Campus

Matt Geddie, collegiate minister at Travis Avenue Baptist Church, shares some basics about getting info to students on campus.

It’s no secret that you and I live in an Information Age and we are well aware that college students are at the forefront of it all. There are many avenues in which information travels with seemingly more and more tools for communication being developed each year. It is important that you plug in to the methods of communication that students are implementing into their daily lives so that you can communicate with clarity in regards to your mission, vision and calendaring events. Major avenues in which students receive information on campus include the following:

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are three of the major forums of communication that your ministry needs to implement. Facebook for college students may be on a downward trend but communicating through these avenues will multiply your views due to retweets, shares and likes being a focal point of social media. In addition to those specific avenues of communication, it is also in your interest to build an up-to-date website that is mobile-friendly so that you can clearly portray the keys of your ministry. If possible, consider developing an app for smart phone devices.


E-mail is still around and most universities force their students to keep up with their school accounts. Be sure to request a student’s school email on all of your guest cards. To maximize its impact be sure to simplify your message by inserting bullet points as opposed to overblown paragraphs.

Campus News Outlets

Most campuses have a school newspaper. Whether or not this advertising your ministry through paid advertising is worth the cost, it is worth looking into. This includes both the print and online versions of your campus newspaper. Also noteworthy, most major universities have a radio station that broadcasts their sporting events. You may want to consider purchasing a 20 second clip in order to get your ministry some airtime.


In addition to the above, look into placing fliers at key hot spots on and around your campus. This can include local restaurants, coffee shops… any place that students frequent.

Student Mailbox

Campus mail is one way you can guarantee that you have contacted every student living on campus.

Word of Mouth

If you find some measure of success with all that is listed above you will indeed call into effect the most impactful form of communication. Peer to peer communication is and always will be the most effective form of communication. Strive to communicate with clarity in all of the above so that your ministry can extend its reach across a campus that happens to be in need of the overall message of the Church – the Gospel.

about the author

Matt Geddie

Matt is Minister of College Students at Travis Avenue Baptist Church in Ft. Worth, TX.