Apr 28, 2017


Summer Projects

Mission, Community, and Discipleship

Summer breaks present a natural opportunity to capitalize on students’ time off by providing them experiences that will draw them closer to God and community, and will develop them as leaders and missionaries. In this video hear about three different examples of summer projects and some tips for coming up with an event of your own.

Key Points:

  • You typically only get one opportunity to ask a student to give up their summer during college – make the most of it.
  • Summer projects take a time that could otherwise be an opportunity for backsliding, and turn it into a catalyst for growth.
  • Students who participate in summer projects return to school with a heart for the campus and the skills to lead others.

Questions to consider:

  • How are you currently utilizing summers to help your students grow?
  • Consider the three areas of Mission, Community, and Discipleship. In which area is your ministry strongest?
  • In which area is your ministry weakest? What is one thing you could implement this year to improve?

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about the author

Chad Frank

Just a guy enjoying the H2O community at the University of Akron and Kent State.

about the author

Mike Easton

Mike Easton is currently the Missions Director of Cornerstone Church in Ames, Iowa.

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Drew Worsham

Drew grew up attending a small country church but wasn't captured by the grace of Jesus until the age of 17. He began to study the art of magic and mentalism just as a hobby, but realized that when this art was performed, it demanded people's attention. He began doing magic and sharing with crowds about the love of God. He traveled and performed throughout college. After graduating, he and his friend and musician, Josh Martin, drove all over America, sharing their gifts with whomever would allow them the opportunity. In 2006, he moved to Pullman, WA to help start Resonate Church where he is thankful to serve and be a part of the bride of Christ as an on-campus pastor.