Jun 27, 2016


Support Raising Mandate

Why Church Planters & Teams Benefit from Support Development

Support raising can be challenging at times, but the benefits outweigh the difficulties. In this video, ministry leaders review what their support raising journey has looked like, why they are grateful for the process, and tips and strategies they’ve learned along the way.

  • Matt Pardi (H2O Bowling Green – Bowling Green, OH)
  • Craig Lovelace ( Resonate Church – Cheney WA)
  • David Worcester (San Diego State Christian Challenge – San Diego, CA)
  • Scott Townley (H2O Bowling Green – Bowling Green, OH)
Key Points:
  • Generally there are two models for raising support. Either raising the entirety of the support goal on the front end before starting ministry on campus, or raising support along the way, splitting time between ministry and support raising. Each method has its strengths and weaknesses.
  • A good management system is crucial in support raising. Fortunately, there are many different options when it comes to managing support, both in-house or through one of the many missionary organizations equipped to manage the accounting aspects.
  • Seeing support raising as a privilege, and that it is biblical is extremely important.  Support raising is about allowing others to come alongside you on the journey through ministry. The benefits of the extra support and prayer this community adds to your ministry are impossible to overstate.
Questions to consider:
  • If your ministry has staff members that raise support, what are the attitudes about it, and are they biblical?
  • Do you spend time encouraging your staff in this area? What are two ways that you could check in and encourage them this week?

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