Nov 17, 2015


Time With God Bookmark // FREE DOWNLOAD

The author shares a simple tool he developed for equipping students to develop a habit of spending time with God in his word.

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Jesus told his Father that eternal life is knowing God in John 17.  He also said in the same prayer that his disciples would be sanctified by the truth.  He said two chapters earlier that we can’t bear fruit without abiding in Christ.  I’m convinced that far beyond all the methodological or structural issues that we face in campus ministry, the number one reason why students don’t love the lost, experience joy and freedom, or reproduce themselves in others is that they are not consistently enjoying God’s Word and responding to it in obedience.  They are trees planted in a desert, not trees planted by streams of living water.
I heard somewhere that 21 days makes a habit, so I made a “my first quiet time” bookmark to help students get 21 solid days in the word at the beginning of their walk with Jesus.  It includes key verses that lay a foundation for what it means to know and follow Jesus.  The belief is that if they will commit to using this tool, they’ll be well on their way to a lifelong commitment to Christ and abiding in his word.
Hope it helps you think about your own students’ need for the Word!

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