Dec 21, 2015


Our Top 5 Posts of 2015

What were our top posts for 2015? Check out this list to see what collegiate leaders were reading this past year.

It just wouldn’t be the end of the year without an end-of-the-year list, right? We thought it would be fun to share the top 5 most-viewed posts on Collegiate Collective to give you a sense of what most collegiate leaders were thinking about with us in 2015.

So here goes…

5. It’s All About the Contacts!

Paul Worcester wrote this article in 2014, but it scratches a perennial itch. Each fall, collegiate leaders are trying to figure out how to connect with as many students as possible and Paul provides the three central components for how they obtain and manage contacts at Chico State.

Key quote: “Much of your ability to reach new students on campuses hinges upon your approach to contact management.”

4. We Need Old College Ministers

Tim Casteel wrote this piece in June and it went viral in the collegiate ministry world. He identifies a number of barriers to college ministry, but lands the article on the four key advantages that come with age on campus. Those who are “old” found sincere affirmation in this article and the “young” guys found inspiration to stay the course.

Key quote: “So why am I – a 39 year old, bald, father of 5 – still trudging out on campus mixing it up with 18 year olds? Because college students are the most strategic mission field in the world.”

3. Scheduling an Effective Week for College Ministry

Tim Casteel authored 3/5 of our top posts in 2015. Needless to say, he’s a brilliant guy and is a thought leader influencing well beyond his Cru community. This article provided some very basic principles and tips for how to maximize your time each week. Of course, every ministry and every role may be different, but audiences across the spectrum were helped by Tim’s wisdom about time management in collegiate ministry.

Key quote: “So the most difficult part of your job is quickly figuring out how to organize your time. If you don’t schedule wisely and set up appointments, you will not have an effective week. Unproductive weeks yield unfruitful years.”

2. OU BCM Story: Multiplying Disciples, Multiplying Ministries

This post featured a video produced by Chase Abner for the Baptist Collegiate Network. He set out to answer the question, “What happens when you invest in multiplying disciples on a college campus?” by looking at the impact of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry at Oklahoma University. From the initial ministry of Max Barnett on that campus, many alum have been sent around the world to carry the gospel to the nations. Most remarkably, a number of collegiate-reaching movements were born out of that ministry. They include Christian Challenge (Kansas, Nebraska, and beyond) and The Salt Company in Iowa. (And don’t miss the article Chase wrote about things he learned while working on the video!)

Key quote: “We hope this video will encourage you by reminding you just what is possible when leaders commit their lives to reaching, discipling, and sending college students out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

1. College Ministry is Hard

Leave it to Tim Casteel to knock it out of the park yet again with an apt title and apt observations about college ministry – IT’S HARD! While he lists a number of factors that contribute to the difficulty of college ministry, he also ends up describing why it’s so important. Campuses are full of highly-intelligent, highly-gifted people who are going to change the world one way or another. And that environment is shifting by the semester. However, he pulls it all down to brass tacks at the end with this…

Key quote: “It is worth the pain of doing the hard work of reaching college campuses so that hundreds and thousands of future world changers can encounter Jesus.”

Yes, Tim. It is worth it.

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