Apr 04, 2017


Reaching College Students in Urban Contexts


Andy Norris (Salt Company – Ames, IA)

Timothy Rhee (Gracepoint Church – Minneapolis, MN)

David Mirck (La Chapelle – Montreal, QC)


Cities are at the forefront of art, culture, finance, government, and innovation, and they are growing faster than ever. Universities in urban contexts present a unique challenge and opportunity to impact the influencers of the world with the gospel.

Key Points:

  • Advantages of planting in an urban context include diversity in the congregation, and the opportunity for students to get jobs in the city post-graduation and continue to serve in the ministry.
  • “The next generation is in the city, and the world is in the city.”
  • “Taking care of the poor and the weary is the best way for a church plant to show the city that you’re their for them – not just to fill your church.”
  • There is a unique openness to new ideas, including the gospel, in urban settings and on campus.


Questions to consider:

  • Does your church reflect the diversity of your city?
  • In what ways can your church love the city through ministries of mercy?

about the author

David Mirck

David is the Associate Pastor of La Chapelle in Montreal, and campus pastor at the Mile End location.

about the author

Andy Norris

Andy is Pastor in the Cornerstone Salt Network.

about the author

Timothy Rhee

Timothy Rhee is a Pastor at Gracepoint in Minneapolis, MN.