May 01, 2014


Circuit Riding the Campus: Establishing Video Venues in College Towns

Pastors Keith Wieser and Andy Addis share about the success their churches have experienced using a video multi-site approach. They discuss the reasons for considering video venues, why this method is strategic, how it can be implemented, and application of its value in reaching college campuses. In practical terms, they lay out the advantages that video venues offer to the seeker, the congregation, and church leadership.

Brian Frye (National Collegiate Strategist – North American Mission Board)
Keith Wieser (Lead Pastor – Resonate Church – Pullman, WA)
Andy Addis (Pastor – Crosspoint Church – Hutchinson, KS)

Key Points:

  • We live in a screen-driven society. Multi-site video venues are a viable and affordable tool for reaching a broader constituency with the message of the gospel.
  • Video venues offer opportunities for rapid multiplication in a way that live preaching at each site does not.
  • The multi-site video approach allows church leaders to focus exclusively on their gift set by allowing skilled communicators to teach, and those with a more pastoral gift to serve as site pastors without having to prepare and deliver a weekly sermon.

Questions to consider:

  • Has your ministry ever considered implementing video to expand its reach? Why or why not?
  • Just as Paul used the “high-end technology” of his day to reach his audiences, in what ways can your ministry utilize technical resources to engage a campus of students who are technologically savvy?
  • Using video venues necessitates some logistical decisions, such as live stream vs. pre-recorded video. What details does your ministry need to think through when considering the use of video?

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