Nov 14, 2016


Webinar: Leadership Pipelines with Mark Vance of The Salt Company

Watch Collegiate Collective’s first webinar featuring Mark Vance of The Salt Company. Topic: Leadership Pipelines.

The webinar covers the following questions and topics:

  • How do you move a student from freshman attender to multiplying leader in the local church?
  • What does Salt Company do to move a student from one stage to another in the leadership pipeline?
  • What is the “end game” of Salt Company’s ministry? What are they trying to produce?
  • How does all of it connect within and to local churches and church planting?



  • Mark Vance, Director of the Salt Company – @markavance
  • Rahul Agarwal, Director of USF BCM – @takethebrownpil
  • Brian Frye, National Collegiate Strategist for NAMB – @brifrye
  • Josh Owens, social media strategist – @jrmowens
  • Rudy Hartmann, Salt Network Candidate – @HartmannRudy


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