Mar 07, 2016

Lead, Multiply

What Every Church Can Learn from the Collegiate Church Movement

Planting a church in a university setting is unique in many ways. But are there any universal practices that translate beyond the campus? In this video, three pastors discuss the things collegiate churches inherently do well that could benefit every church, in every context.



Keith Wieser (Resonate Church- Washington State University- Pullman, Wa)

Matt Light (Aletheia Church – James Madison- Harrisonburg VA)

Bryan Wiles ( H2O- Bowling Green, OH)


Key Points:

  • Millennials desire a close knit authentic community, where they live with or near each other and do life together constantly, very much like the Acts 2 church.
  • Leadership development is key, in the collegiate world new leaders have to be trained very quickly.
  • The young people who you do raise up as leaders are naturally ready and driven to take on the task of church planting in a radical way.  


Questions to consider:

  • Who are is being raised up and trained as leaders?
  • What does community outside of church service look like?
  • How can you affect change in your context?


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